A traumatic childhood experience may be one man’s saving grace.


JIMMY (Short Film)
Release Date: 2018
Genre: Drama
NSE Productions
Producer: Karen Simon

Director: Christian Sørup Jensen

Story by: Karen Simon & Christian Sørup Jensen
Screenplay by: Simon Deeley
Director of Photography: Tiago Melo
Editor: Michele Vicenti
Composer: Giuseppe Alfano
Main Cast
Samuel Traviss as “Jimmy (Young James)”
Al Gregg as “Jared”
Simon Pothecary as “James”
Alfie Cooper as “Alex”
1st AD: Carlotta Beck Peccoz
Script Supervisor: Elin Martinsen
1st AC: Cristina Lozano
2nd AC: Léa Aubigne
Gaffer: Elena Nassati
Spark: Andrei Lionachescu
Sound Recordist: Andrea Calaprice
Sound Designer: Kostas Mastorakis
Production Design: Mikolaj Wasowski, Karen Simon
Make-Up Artist: Liberty Callaway
Casting Director: Emil Taj Petersen

Assistant Editor: Megan Blackwell
Colourist: Michele Vicenti

Marketing & Publicity: Maria Maida
Unit Videographer: David Traub
Unit Stills Photographer: Philip Pfeiffer

Location Manager: Sarah Saifi

Production Coordinator: Maria Maida

Storyboard Artist: Seif El Kashef

Director’s Statement

When I was growing up in Denmark, I went through years of bullying at school. On an almost daily basis, I had to face attacks that I was not a “real boy” and that I was not doing “manly things” because I simply wasn’t into what was deemed “right” for my gender. Being a young, introverted, shy boy, I did not understand why I was not allowed to be who I was, and why it was deemed not okay for a boy to be emotional and sensitive.

Following my experience, which had a hand in forming who I am today, I feel that I have a responsibility to speak up for young boys and men around the world — to show that these traits are indeed perfectly normal for any human being to hold and that it should be socially acceptable for boys and men to express them.

JIMMY is a story about a little boy and a traumatic childhood experience that impacts him more than he could ever predict.

— Christian Sørup Jensen, January 2018


We’d like to extend a massive THANK YOU to all the following who supported the making of this short film:

MetFilm School, London, UK
MFS Production Facilities Centre, London, UK

Imogen Aitken
Celine Simon Alaeddin
Hazim Alaeddin
Maya Alaeddin
Ayrton Allen
Gregory Antoniou
Lea Aubigne
Bernou Dijkstra
Emil Djørup
Robert Gregory
Jonas Grimås
Robert Hartnett
Henry Howe
Joseph Jenner
Svend-Erik Jensen
Jesper Josiassen
Michael Kirkegaard
Jakob Koch
Julie Sørup Koch
Mette Kvistgaard
Adelle Moss
Rasmus H Nordin
Jonny Persey
Steve Pinhay
Sarah Saifi
Veronique Sambe
Simon Shore
Jean-Pierre Simon
Anette Sørup
David Traub
Sarah Yule


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